How can art help your next event?

Instead of just mingling, make something together.



Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.  –  Anni Albersglasses-213156_1920

I am basically a brush for hire. Under the title of “Artist” I can do so many things. The problem has always been how to communicate this to an audience without totally confusing them! So I am choosing to create a storybook of my work, roll it out in chapters, if you will. So here is the first installment, let’s start with art events.

At this point you have probably either been to a “Paint and Wine” party, or know about them. These events have changed a bit, incorporating Craft and DIY, the question is, how can making art help your next event and why should you incorporate this into your celebration?

Adding Art can make the event more memorable.

That’s right. Instead of just mingling, make something together. It promotes a relaxed atmosphere, encourages conversation, and you get to take something home as a reminder of the day. This is the best type of souvenir, having an object remind you of where you were, and how it came to be.

Wood Sign boards for a fundraiser


Art Events are not just Paint on Canvas.

Every industry experiences hills and valleys and Art Parties are no exception. Painting on Canvas will still go on, but people have been asking to push that envelope, demanding more custom and personal projects. There is a movement towards wood sign boards and painted glassware. I have also done events with painted tote bags, fairy light lanterns, holiday and seasonal projects, even bath bombs and sugar scrubs, whatever the client requested! Custom work is where it’s at, get in touch with your friends, plan a menu and create a project that speaks to you. We can make anything!

Make it Charitable.

Art events are ideally suited to help your fundraiser or when you want to incorporate charity into your next get together. Elarah Parties offers a wide range of services to help you make your fundraiser profitable, here’s a list of what I offer:

  • Custom flyer
  • Promotion on Social Media and Event Pages
  • Timelines and Seating Plans
  • Photo Backdrop and Props
  • Help to secure donations for food, beverages (within range)
  • Help to set up tricky tray (if allowed and within range)
  • Fully insured
  • Project Display at Location with signage
  • Always a custom project designed for your group

And art projects are not just for fundraisers. Make a project to share with your community at any event. Choose a local charity or group you want to support and collect items or funds that they need. Then host a party and make something to make them smile. Some ideas are:

  • Paint a large canvas mural with your friends. I will design a picture, supply you with pre-mixed paints, you paint it in by number. Present it to be displayed in their location, be it a Church, Food Pantry, Assisted Living, or shelter.
  • Personalize items for people in distress. T-shirts, tote bags, makeup bags and scarves all add a personal touch. And you can add personal care items to make them feel special.
  • Paint a Pet party to benefit your local animal shelter. Love your dog or cat? Paint them on canvas, a lantern or vase, t-shirt or tote bag, all proceeds can be donated to your favorite animal shelter.
  • Send kids in hospitals an “art box”.  We can choose projects and make up a box with simple projects inside. Mandala’s to color, foam characters to assemble, paper, markers, create the contents to your requirements. I can supply these for you to present to kids in need.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Donations are especially important. There are many families that have a terrible time during the holidays. Make some holiday cheer with colorful decorations to share. Create presents such as Mason Jar Lanterns with lights and potpourri. Add food and clothing donations and present to families you “adopt” during the holidays.

All these ideas can be incorporated into get together’s with friends,  bridal events, birthdays, anniversaries, any time you want to share with your community.

And finally, it’s just a lot of fun.

Making art makes you happy. It reduces stress, gives you a much-needed break, helps you think creatively, and brings joy to your life. What more can you ask for?! And don’t just take my word for it, visit this link find out more.

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